I welcome all of you movie-addicts, all of you who, like me, adore cinema, whether it is french, american, spanish, italian or portuguese, whether it is science-fiction, fantastic, horror, comedy or documentary, whether it's about the end of the world, one's family matters or the discovery of someone's inner self, but to put it simply : Cinema, without any border or boundaries.

The aim fo this website is simple : trying to imagine what trailers we would make today if we had to advertise one of yesterday's classics.

By doing so, I hope I'll encourage people to watch movies they never would've thought to, and unveil their universe to them. Each movie used in here has a complete and detailed section, telling you about the context in which the movie was produced as well as it's impact and/or it's remake(s) or what it inspired. Therefore sharing my love of the 7th art with anybody ready to take it !



Mai 16th 2010 : The website is open !

Mai 15th 2010 : Release of the Night of the Living Dead trailer

Mai 9th 2010 : Release of the Metropolis trailer